Agronomy Equipment



Buy our reliable, easy-to-use and durable barometers today! Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, pilots, boaters, or anyone interested in weather patterns. Available in various styles to match any decor, our barometers offer clear and easy-to-read dials and use premium materials to last for years. They also make great gifts and are simple to set up. Stay one step ahead of Mother Nature in your home or office by investing in our barometers today!


The Clinometer is a powerful and versatile tool for professionals in surveying, engineering, and construction. It precisely measures slopes and elevations with lockable adjustments, reducing errors and increasing productivity. Its compact and durable design withstands tough environments for long-lasting reliability. Get accurate and reliable slope measurement with the Clinometer, perfect for any professional who wants to increase productivity and optimize workflow.

Hand Auger Kits

Our hand auger kits are durable, eco-friendly, and perfect for drilling in tight spaces without electricity. Each kit includes various drill bits, extension rods, and a comfortable grip handle. Experience effortless hole drilling in construction, gardening, and DIY projects with our lightweight and compact kit.

Wood Moisture Meters

Our wood moisture meters are must-have tools for woodworkers, flooring installers and construction pros. They prevent damage, are portable, easy to use, and give quick results. Ideal for measuring wood moisture content, including lumber, flooring and firewood. Our meters are reliable, affordable and improve efficiency by reducing waste. Get high-quality wood projects with our products.

Lux Meters

Our lux meters provide accurate and reliable light intensity measurements for photography, art preservation, and greenhouse cultivation. They are user-friendly with backlit displays, automatic shutdown, and data hold features. These lightweight and compact meters have advanced optical sensors that guarantee precise measurements. Trust our high-quality meters for convenient light measurements.
High Speed Stirrer

High Speed Stirrers

Discover our high-speed stirrers, crafted with quality materials and advanced safety features. Choose from various speed control options for tailored usage in chemical synthesis and pharmaceutical development. Consult with our panel of experts to select the perfect stirrer to meet your research needs. Contact us today to elevate your research with our high-speed stirrers.
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