Cube, Cylindrical & Beam Moulds

International specifications for concrete strngth testing require test specimens to be cast in a number of standard sizes for compression and flexural strength determination.
Techno Test moulds are made of high quality metal and are strong enough to resist distortion and retain their shape and size under rugged conditions.

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Optional accessories:
Tamping bar, steel, 25mm X 25mm square ramming face, 400mm long, 2kg in weight

Cube Moulds

Four standard sizes of cube moulds are offered and supplied complete with base plate. The moulds supplied are

  • Mould, cast iron 100mm
  • Mould, cast iron 150mm
  • Mould, cast iron 200mm
  • Mould, cast iron 300mm

Cylindrical Moulds

Mould for testing concrete cylinders are offered in two different sizes. They are made of cast iron and split into two parts longitudinally. These are supplied with a base plate and top plate. They are:

  • Mould, cast iron, split length wise 150mm X 300mm high
  • Mould, cast iron, split length wise 100mm X 200mm high
  • Mould, cast iron, split length wise 100mm X 100mm high
  • Mould, cast iron, split length wise 300mm X 300mm high

Beam Moulds

Two standard sizes of beam moulds are offered for casting concrete specimens for flexural strength testing. These moulds are made of steel and are supplied complete with a base plate. They are:

  • Beam mould, 100mm X 100mm X 500mm
  • Beam mould, 150mm X 150mm X 700mm