Ovens Thermometers & Accessories


Infrared Thermometer

Introducing the most reliable infrared thermometer with an easy-to-use interface. It uses infrared technology to accurately measure body temperature, object temperature, and ambient temperature. With a quick and contactless measurement process, you can get accurate readings without any discomfort.

Platinum Resistance Thermometer

Our platinum resistance thermometer is a highly reliable and precise instrument for measuring temperature. Made with top-grade platinum, it offers accuracy and stability across a wide temperature range and is built to withstand harsh environments. With its fast response time and resistance to corrosion, it's ideal for industrial and scientific usage. A must-have for temperature-sensitive applications in industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and research and development.

Probe Thermometer

Invest in our probe thermometer for reliable and accurate food temperature measurement. Quick and accurate, this high-quality thermometer has a stainless steel probe and can measure temperatures up to 572°F. Perfect for cooking meat, fish, and poultry, as well as heating and cooling liquids, jams, and candy. Don't take any chances with your food – order now!

Muffle Furnace

Our high-quality muffle furnace is perfect for industrial and laboratory applications. It features precise temperature control, automatic shut-off safety feature, and can heat up to 1200°C. The furnace chamber is ceramic fiber with excellent resistance to thermal shock. It takes up minimal space with a compact design and is easy-to-use. Perfect for annealing, burning, calcination, melting, and heat treatment of different materials. Order now for affordable rates and exceptional after-sales support.

High Temperature Oven

Upgrade your industrial baking game with our top-of-the-line high temperature oven! Capable of reaching up to 1000°F, it's perfect for baking, curing, and drying a wide range of materials. Our durable stainless-steel construction and advanced control features allow for precise temperature regulation. The spacious interior accommodates large or small objects. Order now for competitive pricing and unbeatable quality. Faster processing times and consistent results guaranteed. Order now to take advantage of our unbeatable quality and pricing.

Large Capacity Oven

Get ready for the ultimate large capacity oven! With a cooking space of 225 - 1000l, this oven is perfect for big cooking tasks. Built with high-quality materials, this oven guarantees durability. It offers advanced temperature controls and ample space to cook multiple dishes at once, saving time and energy. Ideal for entertainers, it comes in a sleek design and is easy to use. Impressing guests has never been easier. Order today to start cooking like a pro!
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