Soil Cone Penetrometer

Enables the determination of liquid limit simply and quickly. The unit is supplied complete with a stainless steel penetration test cone 35mm long with a smooth polished surface at an angle of 30 degrees.

soil-cone-penetrometer Image
Facility exists for adjusting cone height in relation to the specimen
Suitable for operation on 220V, 50Hz, single phase AC supply.

Static Cone Penetrometer

This test originated from Holland where buildings are constructed in areas mostly reclaimed from the sea bed.
The static cone penetration test is a handy tool for predetermining the length and estimating the carrying capacities of piles passing through soft compressible strata and resting upon hard clays, sands or gravel.

static-cone-penetrometer Image
Available in 30KN, 100KN and 200KN capacities.